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About Me

I am driven, friendly and result-oriented. For freelancing, I like working & sharing my skills. Keeping busy, new learnings & meeting good people are my passions.

The quality and timeliness of my work will speak for itself as I believe that when something needs to be done, one must do it well or refrain from doing it. A person’s character is reflected from how he does things.

Actions speak louder than words. Assets stay in the backstage; like how silence covers the deep ocean’s fullness when compared to loudly gushing streams, it has more to offer.

Professionally, I do freelance writing, product development, market analysis and research for B2B, B2C and corporates, We can work together with what you may require.

Right now, my work for multi-industry support includes:

  • Website Creation, Website Management (Personal & Business)
  • Content & Articles for Blogsites or Company Websites (Content Marketing)
  • Magazine & Newspaper Features and Press Releases
  • Reports and Powerpoint Presentations
  • Research, Market Analysis and Business Development
  • SEO Optimization
  • CRM, PR, Marketing and Advertising Strategies

Please feel free to let me know how we can work together.

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