UDOY: The Young King

The snitch Albina paid to spy on her son, just told her that, once again, Udoy sneaked from his duties to play Cara y Cruz, a heads and tails coin gambling game. Hurriedly, she clutched her whipping stick and rushed to the sidestreet where the young boys played.


This aunt’s passing was very painful to everyone who knew her yet joyous at the same time as her suffering was rewarded with sainthood in God’s kingdom. She is indeed the family saint and guardian angel.


I bottled this horror for a month. It haunted me and rendered me incapable to detail the events that passed. Finally, I can talk about it. Gratefully, the healing process of this traumatic experience has begun.


Unlike snails, slugs don’t have shells. They can’t hide. They are vulnerable to all the perils beneath and above-ground. They are preyed upon by¬†birds, snakes, toads, ground beetles and turtles; hurt by pathogens, pesticides, weather and humans.