Before looking into reasons to outsource, let’s look at how far the telephone has gone since Italian innovator Antonio Meucci was credited with inventing the basic phone prototype in 1849 and Frenchman Charles Bourseul devised another in 1854. The benefits of telecommunication had long exceeded the original purpose of Alexander Graham Bell when he first laid his plans on paper to invent and commercialize the first telephone in 1876 after securing the US patent.  A century later, telemarketing was born in the late 1970’s.

This made the telephone the most cost-efficient marketing tool around. Spearheaded by the Bell Corporation, salesmen no longer needed to go door to door to physically set appointments with company decision makers. It saved them the trouble of going miles after miles to meet their prospects. Oftentimes, such efforts were fruitless. Gatekeepers like secretaries and company security ward them away. Travel cost and travel allowance spent on traveling salesmen took a chunk off company profits with no tangible sale at all. The telephone took that burden away. Companies now enjoy this small invention and put it to optimum use. Travelling to make a sale became optional. Companies simply need to pick up the telephone or send letters via email for proposals and other marketing campaigns.

Despite the evolution of business culture, setting appointments and marketing will always be the most challenging area of all business developments. It takes strategy and skill to master this first step in doing business. Through years of experience, Trade and Commerce had to succumb to both the advantages and disadvantages of appointment setting.

Today,  phonecalls more than just a “hello, talk, goodbye” routine. Globally, setting an appointment, sales and marketing via telephone proved to be very profitable in the various aspects of business when efficiently handled.  It is a vital resource for business growth and success. Outsoursce versus inhouse help is a no brainer. Here are reasons to outsource freelancers or outsourcing companies:


Sales campaigns involve dedicated focus, manpower and work hours to hit the desired production goal. Schematic diagrams for a project show the various tasks involved in the campaign. The work load is tedious and requires detailed planning to go ahead smoothly.

All successful ventures incorporate appointment  and marketing campaigns in their sales campaign schematics. They get desirable results when executed properly. Sales teams focus more on planning and closing deals rather than making or answering calls from prospects just to set appointments. Work is carefully handled  by assigned individuals.


Statistics showed that employees whose task was to routinely set appointments or do telemarketing duties get worn out faster. Redundant work becomes hard to handle over time. Majority quit. The company suffers.

Once again, the business would need to undergo the strenuous cycle of recruitment, paperwork and training while there is no one actually doing the actual workload. Many business processes are halted while finding a replacement which means loss of sale and other opportunities. Outsourcing solves this.


Companies buy their leads from independent research, real property, educational and financial institutions to generate names of potential customers. These lists are very costly and even risky. Privacy laws warrant against this practice. Possible litigation or even closure can be the result. Business owners needed to find ways of generating leads through legal means. They turned to telemarketing.

Profiling happens the moment a client picks up the phone. The appointment setter legally obtains pertinent data and background information directly from the customer. There is minimal to zero risk involved.

Telemarketers get information regarding the identities of their prospect as well as the organization’s key players. They also gain access to other valuable data such as schedules and company practices from gatekeepers or helpdesks. These data are pertinent in formulating the right approach from marketing a product and making a sale to upselling opportunities that aids in widening the clientele database at the same time.

Looking through a microscope, the benefits of outsourcing are exponential.

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