Have you ever imagined how it would be like to skip the commute, the traffic and the POLLUTION just to get to work? I  wrote the last one in all caps because it is often neglected. Well, let me tell you more.

The NCBI ‘s report on bacterias in polluted air shouldn’t be taken for granted. People sometimes get sick and they don’t know the reason behind it. Organic and Pathogenic Bacterias are in our moderately to heavily polluted breathing spaces. Oh! Don’t forget their companions, different airborne viruses are there too.

Do you know any jeepney or tricycle driver? Well, I know some and they do look older than their actual age. Some even get sick quite often. It is sad and very alarming that we get exposed to these pathogens for one to four hours each day to earn a living.

Here’s an option, work at home. I can tell you firsthand, IT IS MUCH CLEANER & SAFER. Aside from that, there are other plus points too. Here they are:

No Travel Cost
Try to consider how much money you can save if you worked at home. My son spends close to Php3,000 / month just on travel cost. That monthly expense can be saved for some emergency or trip someday. It would be double that amount if I commuted too. YIKES!!!

More Time & Earning Potential
Time is really gold and it shouldn’t be wasted. Being stuck in traffic is money and time lost. Imagine earning money instead of idly waiting along a congested highway. Working at home is time saved and wisely spent.

More Family Time
Have you noticed buying clothes too often because your children grew out of their wardrobe quite fast without you noticing it? You didn’t witness them grow up or gain weight. Well, being homebased will help you see your children through all their milestones and hold them by the hand as you battle “growing pains” together. A present parent at home is still the most ideal set-up. Technology made that posssible.

Work and Life Balance
With tools like a PC, headset and internet connection; BALANCE can be achieved. Simply set a small workspace in a corner of your house and you are all set. Work and “Have a Life” at the same time.

Meet Mentors And Other Good People
The net has made the world a much smaller place. From the Philippines, we can quickly talk or make friends with someone in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, London and even, Iceland via Skype. We learn new information, crafts and life lessons along the way. It is said that an idle mind is the temple of the devil. Well, don’t let any negativity creep in. Keep busy because positivity and productivity are waiting for you.

I am a home-based ESL Teacher, Researcher and Writer. Those I mentioned above, I have them all and I want you to have them too.

To know more, please click:

R a r e J o b

Easy steps aren’t they?

Hurry! We just might meet each other in the next company party. I would be so happy to meet another WAHM like me.

See you there. happy face

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