Fated To Teach

gI love gardening and for me, children are like little seedlings that we raise to become mature plants that will bear flowers and yield fruits. Education and gardening are similar this way. When the sower gives their full love, attention and care, the effort exerted, almost always, yield generous results. He garners success from the harvest. A good and dedicated farmer often meets, even exceeds, his target.

Each child is unique from another in their own special way. Careful attention, compassion and integration in groups are crucial to their development and milestone achievements. Here, children reflect the kind of upbringing, school care and instruction given to them.

A comfortable space to grow and explore with the right cognitive stimulation will bring out their passion and potential for learning. Thus, with proper support, will also encourage them to learn more; to strive in overcoming any obstacle facing them and to reach their desired goal, all, at the same time.

This is part of a teacher’s responsibility as she is their second mom outside the home. She has to offer balance and opportunties for growth in the mental, social, emotional and academic aspects. Such, matter the most, while inspiring the joy of learning both inside and outside the classroom. She must apply both academic and holistic approaches for the benefit of any child charged under her care for they will bring out what they learned outside school walls and into their respective worlds.

gIt is vital for every teacher to note that her actions can either make or break a child. Anyone can be a teacher but only a select few are deemed effective or memorable by students. The later, are those who truly changed a child’s life, the ones who instilled a deep passion for learning and helped children crack their potencial as well as the social code of inclusion along with the art of camaraderie.

She must also be empathetic to the situations affecting her students and their families to be able to help develop a truly healthy child in mind, body and spirit. Her pupils’ parents play a part in this too. She keeps them involved.

Whenever my students ask why I teach the Japanese, I say, love for Japanese history and culture is the driving force. It is among my favorites in world history being as colorful and well-documented as it is. The people truly valued the lessons they gathered from their roots. They were able to rise above to an enlightened level as reflected in the current society.

At my present age, I learned to appreciate the Japanese more. I’ve met with many before teaching, during my early training and career in the tourism industry. In business, they were very professional and outside, always very courteous and polite which seemed to be integrated into their core values. With this knowledge at hand, teaching them English as a Secondary Language was a welcome opportunity. I love every second of it.

As a student in the university, my batch was among the first to learn Nihonggo 1 & 2 as part of the school’s course curriculum. I didn’t know then why we got so lucky but when I started encountering Japanese clients and students lagter on, I realized that there is indeed a purpose for everything.

Destiny and Fate, in my opinion, have ways of preparing us for what lies ahead. We come across situations that drive us toward unforseen directions. Being an online ESL teacher is among them in my life. I’m too old to battle fate. I’ll accept it as it comes and live it. Destiny will unfold as it should but I will keep my eyes wide open and my mind clearer this time around. I’m ready.

Daily Prompt: Retrospective

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