BURNED OUT, Not Broken!

A woman submits to her husband but when dying feels like the only escape, is submission still right? What lesson will the children learn from this?

Battered Wife! No woman wants that label. Love stories always ended

with “happily ever after,” wedding bells and then everyone is left imagining that it will be a life of bliss, contentment and unending happiness. Some are lucky.

However, a margin of those that plunged become victims who need to dive into the abyss with the hope of salvaging whatever amount of years they have left. Perhaps in their own little way be able to get back, at least, their peace of mind, untroubled heart and tranquil soul.

Women were commanded to submit to their husband, forgive, love, be a life partner, earn money and care for the family from dusk til dawn. Abuse was not part of the deal yet, we swallow as much as we can but when men treat the mistress better than they do us, it’s time for goodbye. We don’t deserve that.


A kindred soul sent her emails and messages offering career positions for this and that over the years. She respectfully refused each time because she was warned not to accept any from the very start. She did so to keep the harmony in all directions.

Before this good lady passed away, she thanked her countless times and gave advices ever so lovingly without fear of condescendence or contradiction during the few occasions they met. The later, didn’t understand then – “why” – because it was out of duty and love that she does the things she did.

SHE KNEW. Now awaken, thrice awake.

It finally sank in. She was right, it is never too late.

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Friends called her on her mobile phone countless times. She didn’t believe them.

An unknown caller revealed hurtful secrets to her.

She tried not to believe and move forward like she usually did.

Then emails with files and pictures came.

She was rattled and shaken.

No more denials. Her slumber had finally ended.

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She vowed never to get involved with any married men.

She kept clear and rejected those who tried.

Flirting is cheating. Cheating is a sin.

She looked the other way and trusted it to end like the others before.

Years after, she realized it’s not just the quality of a woman that counts,

But that of the man as well.

Moving on to a new beginning without the false hopes.

From the ashes, a new chapter is born.

Never Again, “Fear Is An Illusion.”


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A parent’s duty is to…

… teach what is right and wrong.

… show paths, not dead-ends.

… set an example of strength, not weakness.

… develop a character that is fair and loving.

… help them become their “best self,” as God intended all of us to be, throughout their lives.

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The new journey has begun.

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