A Mother: Skewedly Impowered

All families have their own dynamics. They could be in either single or double income setups. Whichever we may have, we make the most of the situation we are given with the best intentions for each member to thrive and flourish.

1Most girls dreamt of a happily ever after with their prince charming. I did, a very long time ago, with the hope of creating, at least 6 “mini-me” combos of us.

It’s amazing how God set up a reminder in Corinthians about growing up. We do have to let go of our childhood fantasies and grow up. We accept the life so delicately designed for us. We face the music of life and dance accordingly to the tune which could either be slow or upbeat, mellow or rock n’roll. We miss a step or two sometimes but we keep on dancing until we perfect the moves or choose another beat till we find our tempo.

Real life begins for a woman after the wedding bells. She becomes a wife, a mother, the light of her home. On her shoulders lay the foundation of her family. Fairytales and love stories never discussed the servitude that came with marraige. Come to think of it, it’s actually a “rip-off,’ where men get the best deal.

She wakes at dawn to jumpstart her little village. She starts her day preparing her husband and children to shine in the world outside. She sets her home to be a haven they can rest comfortably upon when they come back. She ensures that everything they need will be there and that they would lack for nothing important as best she could.

With all these at heart and after they’re done, she ventures out in the world to use her God-given gifts to make profit or earn a living to bring back to her loved ones.

She is also a daughter, entrusted by God to care for her parents. She juggles her time to run from here to there to ensure everything is in proper order.

1She grieves at heartaches, failures and losses but sucks it in blindlessly because the wheel would either stop or falter if she lets herself breakdown.

She endures the greatest of pains silently as she was prepared beforehand by the Lord in childbirth which trained her to treat the sufferings of her loved ones with much compassion.

She then realizes that her “happily ever after” is becoming a MOTHER. The reward of countless smiles, hugs and kisses are far more valuable than the diamonds on her fingers.

After all these, though skewed, it’s nice to note that a mother isn’t a servant, she is the “QUEEN,” ever so powerful and eternally beautiful in God’s eyes for fulfilling her mission of imparting profound love and keeping her family attuned to the His Will.

Happy 2018 Mother’s Day!

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