I barely watch the news on television or listen to it on the radio.  I would rather READ the news and know written facts.  Legally, this is evidentiary proof of reliability and accountability.  I spare myself from theatrics and seeing the sheer brutality or visual devastation that broadcast journalism thrives on.

I shelter myself from cries and looking into the eyes of victims as it deeply moves and haunts me for a considerable amount of time.  I know what to avoid and I avoid them as best I could.  Written articles from reputable news sources offer accurate information or admits the lack thereof.  There are no dramatics, no sugar coating or needless exaggerations.  The news could be devastating enough as it is.

Tohoku Earthquake a& Tsunami

Last night though, my husband fell asleep with the TV on tunned into CNN.  My usual routine was to turn it off.  When I was about to,  I saw and heard an elderly Japanese man wailing and muttering words in tears as he desperately displaces rubble after rubble in search of his family.  I saw his eyes, his tears and I felt his grief.  I sat on the edge of the bed and watched.  Two hours of gruesome, heartwrenching and wearisome news.

1This morning, after my family left to start off their day, I turned the TV on and tuned into CNN once again.  News revolved around the tragedy in Japan, the UN sanctions on Libya, Egypt’s arms supply deployment, Gulf War, Jewish and Pakistani conflict and the unrest in Middle Eastern nations.  It made me a lot sadder than I already was.

I have focused my attention recently on domestic political matters like the ratification of bills on bullying, the appeal for oil deregulation, protest on the prohibition of women in the workplace at nighttime, public safety, the measure that the government is taking to deploy rescue for migrant workers and local job placements should they come home to their families who depend on them for financial support.  Alongside these, are my immediate concerns like preparing the kids for their final exams, family, home, work and other personal matters.

1There is just too much animosity and devastation in the world right now.  To top it all, Ice asked about the upcoming sun-earth-moon alignment and how we were going to prepare for it.  His teacher, informed their class that there is going to be a probable catasthrope as this is an unusual event.  I told my son that there is nothing to be afraid of as this alignment already happened in 1993 and that nothing catasthropic occured.  It’s just a series of higher than usual high tides if we base our knowledge on known Science.

Sun Earth Moon Alignment

Today however, this nut on TV said that there is no knowledge how the gravitional forces would be at work once the sun, earth and moon align days from now, since Japan was already displaced from its original geographical position– a foreseen but unexpected occurence.  This made me upset and angry so I turned off the tv and am writing this now.

My reading today brought me to the book of Habbakuk, one of the minor prophets in the Bible. It said:

The LORD’s Answer:  “Look at the nations, watch– and be utterly amazed.  For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” Habakkuk 1:5-6

Who would’ve had predicted the insurmountable devastation that Japan presently suffers due to a natural calamity?

Who would have forseen the anarchy that nations in the Middle East endure now with them being as rich as they are?

Who can understand why the Jews are still persecuted in present times despite being God’s chosen people?

Who could fully fathom why man chooses war over love and peace despite centuries of written history on the horrific destruction it brings ?

What can we rely on for information but the news and our intellegible assumptions?

Who could imagine that living the Christian way and within its tenets would be so challenging?

What hope is there if we do not have FAITH?

Man wrongfully assumes to be the wise caretakers and tamers of the world. Building physical and political structures to prove their wit and might. When God shows His power, we are all humbled. We are all still just humans not gods.

1Most men strive for the acquisition of earthly things or search for their life’s purpose, pleasure or happiness.  Even more just go day by day to merely survive.  We assume everything in life as achievable or impossible whilst relying on our own frailties. Ignoring the fact that all of us live and breathe on borrowed time.

We focus our attention on ourselves, our loved ones and our life.  Sometimes losing sight that what we do affect those we care about and others either positively or negatively.  The world doesn’t revolve around us.  We criticize.  We get upset.  We judge.  We become selfish.  We disappoint or get disappointed.  We sin.  More so, we strive to be better or compete to be the best.

The animalistic instinct of “prey & predator” is encrypted in human nature, part of our survival instinct.  Is it healthy? Would you actively choose to live like this?  I wouldn’t.  Painting a visual picture in my mind that if everyone would either be prey or predator, this would be a frightful world to live in.  But truth is, the world does work this way– “Survival of the fittest”.

During tragedies or our lowest and most trying times, we question & challenge God. We blame Him for our failures, weaknesses and everything wrong that happens in our life.  We surrender to fear and to our humanity.  We often overlook all the blessings He so generously showered us with all throughout our lives.

Despite this, He never leaves us and always carries us through every storm.  He lets us earn the lessons we need to be equipped to handle all things this world may throw at us.  Sometimes, the enemy wraps sin in a gold wrapper enticing us and pulling us away from what is good and right.  We fall prey to this time and again.  But isn’t it amazing that no matter how many times we stumble, God is always there to take our hand and assist us back on our feet? His Majesty shining ever so brightly to guide our way.

God’s Existence and His Love is an irrefutable fact that many atheist try to disprove.  Ironically, their efforts shine more light that God does exists.  We have to remember to always cherish and make the best out of every moment we are given because it is His gift to us.   May we holdfast to our faith in Him.  It is the best tool that will lead us safely thru the blows and byways of life.


Let us all join in prayer for peace, safety and deliverance come what may. We are the masters of our own ships and we have God as our beacon. A Blessed Week to All.

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