Today, we celebrate a month of victory after abdicating the need for a housemaid.

I loved our last housekeeper, Venus, like a sister. Sadly, her husband needed her back home. Her replacement who claimed to be a hospice caregiver, was more work than I can handle. I asked her to leave in less than a week.


1. She asked for her own TV and radio as well as WIFI password. (Ok)

2. She didn’t follow schedules. I had to wake her up most times when I needed her. (Ok)

3. She said she didn’t need to clean everyday because the house was tidy. (Ok)

4. She turned the laundry hampers into garbage bins after the trashbin in the lanai got full and didnt bring it out to the main bin outside for 3 days. I had to take one out and ask her to bring the other 2. (Strike 1 😕 )

Note: Thankfully, the big rat that this attracted, ate the Racumin I scattered near the sewer.

5. She didn’t open the gate for us when we arrived home. (Ok)

6. She took the kids’ school snacks despite having her own weekly snack supply. (Ok)

7. I have to redo some chores because it was either poorly done or undone. (Ok)

8. She ruined some clothes while doing the laundry or ironing. (Ok)

9. The one time (Feb. 3) I asked her to cook the kids’ school lunch (fried chicken) because I was heavily medicated, she didn’t. Instead, she had them bring the leftover potatoes and carrots from the afritada the night before which got spoiled by school lunchtime. There was no chicken because she said, she had it for breakfast since she dislikes veggies. (Unpardonable. Final Strike 😕😕😕)

I have a high tolerance level but food poisoning is carnal and inexcusable. Analyzing her actions, she was training me to tolerate her which I wrongfully allowed her to do. Camaraderie or “Pakikisama”, is a Filipino custom I firmly believe in. My family and I became her hostages in our own home because of this.

She was a complete nightmare. She said her last employer died so she wanted to work for me. Now, I fear the reasons behind her last employer’s demise. She was intensely infuriating on that last day. “Kunsumisyon talaga!!! ” My stress level was at its max. She could’ve badly hurt my children.

This experience is a big blessing eventhough pressing is still my biggest challenge. It takes me forever to finish even with the steam iron but it is fine. Maybe, I’ll develop expertise in this area later on.

I bottled this horror for a month. It haunted me and rendered me incapable to detail the events that passed. Finally, I can talk about it. Gratefully, the healing process of this traumatic experience has begun.

I got applications and referrals these past weeks but I have become more choosy now. The last maid gave me a trauma. But, of course, there are good ones that I cherish who are now caring for their own families after marraige or working elsewhere. Nowadays, good help is hard to find.

Should the need for one arises, I will be more careful who to entrust my home and family to. It is disheartening that though we purely care for strangers, they either don’t care back or simply take advantage of our goodwill.

However, I have made an important discovery. My family can be self-sufficienct as long as everyone shares time and effort like taking out the dead rat in our laundry area. THAT!!! I can never do. LoL 😨😕😂

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