one-of-the-greatest-gifts-i-have-is-my-wonderful-father-quotes-about-fathers-love-galleryIt has been said that any man can have a child but it takes a special one to be a Father. I am grateful each day for having Papa in our lives. Today is extra special because it’s his birthday. On this day, he was born for us.

Papa and I had many special memories together, just the two of us. The dearest ones are:

1. Our trips to Baclaran Church to pray eventhough he was tired from work and would sleep on our way there.

2. Our excursions at dawn and midday to pick up merchandise for our old stores and later, for my own business.

3. Our dates to eat beef noodles or goto at his favorite places.

4. His “Stalker Mode” when I was out late at night. It was scaringly sweet to see him at the church door of Queen of Peace Parish or when my friends and teachers tell me Papa went to their houses looking for me.

Complaining, he would compare me to a cat. He’d say, “People look for their lost kitten. Think! Why wouldn’t I look for you when you are more precious than that?”

Even now, he would drop by just to check on me.

5. His nervousness when he taught me how to drive that the handbrakes of my first car broke after getting pulled up too many times.

6. His funny laugh whenever he made jokes to make me smile. I didn’t understand most of them but his laughter was always contagious.

7. His attempt to fix our new colored TV which I broke in my pursuit to figure out how it worked back in the 80’s.

Yeah, he got mad but he found it amusing which was a turning point in my life. “AHA! I’m allowed to be curious.”

8. How he pushed me to balance my wild and calm side. (There are many stories here.)

9. How my idiosyncrasies drove him nuts but he loved and understood me anyway.

10. Most of all, the best life lessons, showered by his love, kindness and wisdom which he taught us by example.

Among them, the best parenting lesson I learned, “A parent is someone who would give the last piece of bread and even the only money he has in his pocket for the sake his child.”

We are so blessed to witness him do this for us over and over again.

“Happy Birthday Papa. Thank you for being a great father. May God continually bless and grant your prayers. I love you always.”



You always have GOLD in your heart and shower it on us each day!

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