Foreign movies would show people having home offices and working from home. I have been open to that idea. This was the goal I was targetting before or during retirement but it came earlier than expected.

Imagine ~~~

> No Commute.

> No Traffic.

> No waiting at restaurants for lunch or snack

> Unlimited breaktime and access to the TV, bed and your passions (gardening, cooking, reading, shopping or whatever your heart desires) anytime you want.

> Dictating your earning potential. You can earn as much as a you want. REALLY!!!

> Most importantly, being a HOMEMAKER and earning money while being around your family.

I have found these and more with Rarejob.

1. I earn extra money in my free time.

2. I can choose my work hours.

3. I can choose to work part time or full time.

4. I can pursue my passions (cooking, gardening, reading, sleeping, and mothering).

5. I can chat with many interesting people and get paid for it at the same time.

6. Earn as much as a corporate manager does at HOME.

7. Incentives & recognition are also given for good performance.

8. Amazingly friendly CEO, bosses and staff.



Don’t worry. Rarejob’s company motto offers “Chances For Everyone, Everywhere!” for those residing in the Philippines.

Who is this for?  EVERYONE!!!

> Employed and looking for extra income.

> Homemakers and moms.

> Jobseekers

> Freelancers.

> Part-timers.

10407912_773615606022597_1032654083001851298_nTraining is free. You will get adequate training from a kind trainer. I will be available too should you need me.

Register Now. Your trainer will contact you soon. Btw, driven and qualified 18yr old college students may also apply for part-time work. This would be much better and safer than working in fastfood restos (McDo, Jollibee, KFC or Dunkin) like we used to during our university days. The experience will become a useful business skill later on.

Please share, you might be helping someone.

Register here: RareJob Link.


You may also sign up below and I’ll be with you soon.

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