A cry for help.

Someone we know just came home from Shanghai after a successful liver transplant. Invitations for the celebration of this man’s new lease on life have been sent and received.

We are happy for him and his family. He is a good man. His calling had enabled him to save a lot of lives and perhaps save a few more yet we despair. What’s the cost of this life extension?

My  friend and I talked about extending one’s life at the expense of another’s forceful death. We agreed that this is immoral and a crime against humanity. People worldwide must stop going to China for organ transplants because they are commiting murder in the process. Perhaps, if there are no patients, this multi-million dollar industry will cease to exist and the genocide will end.

For most Chinese, important consideration is given in being whole and complete, without any body part missing upon burial.

Traditionally, most Chinese are reluctant to surgery. Many refuse to donate organs, eye corneas, or even blood because of the need to “stay whole”. Otherwise, their body parts won’t accompany them after death and an incomplete body will prevent them from being allowed into heaven. Hospitals are frequently unable to perform required autopsies because families refuse consent out of concerns over damaging the body.

20111123-Wikie C funeral processions 44
Traditional Chinese Burial Ceremonial Procession

Despite this tradition and belief, China’s organ transplants have increased to as much as 300% in 2004 since the 1999 persecution, imprisonment and deaths (executions) of Falun Gong practitioners.

Though reports and exposes were published as early as 1999, human organs are still readily available in China with a short waiting period of 1-4 weeks because organ farms are still existent in the guise of prisons and detention centers and because the world has taught us to value ECONOMICS & LOGIC over MORALITY & ETHICS.

Falun Gong practitioners practicing meditation exercise in Beijing, China before the persecution began on July 20, 1999.

What does our conscience tell us? Why have many opted to take a blind eye that led to the death of many and perhaps warrant thousands more? Has murder become a logical choice? Where has our humanity gone?

To get an organ transplant in China, is ordering the murder of another human being. Freshly harvested organs like the heart must be transplanted within 6 hours; liver – 8hours and kidney- less than 24hours.

Forceful organ harvesting is illegal. It is unethical. It is evil because it turns desperate patients and doctors who have sworn to save lives, murderers. Relatives and friends become accomplices. It stains the very essence that makes each of us human – our ability to know right from wrong.

More patronage of China’s organ transplants mean more executions and this has to stop.

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