studying slugA “slug life” may sound unpleasant but unconsciously, some of us chose to live this lifestyle. It may appear laid back or even lazy but truly, it is not. It is more than that.

Unlike snails, slugs don’t have shells. They can’t hide. They are vulnerable to all the perils beneath and above-ground. They are preyed upon by birds, snakes, toads, ground beetles and turtles; hurt by pathogens, pesticides, weather and humans.

I saw a bird picking on a snail shell. It successfully crushed part of the shell. However, it missed its meal so it flew away.

The snail hid. It had protection which served its purpose well.

On the other hand, the slug is not as lucky. A bird can simply pick and eat it. Poor thing!

But wait, that’s his life, his adventure. He thrived and served his purpose in the cycle of life. WOW! HE LIVED IT. They are amazing creatures. We need to know them a little more.

A slug leaves a distinct individual scent trail so they can find their way home.

They come back home. They know their roots.

To squeeze through very small openings, a slug stretches out to 20 times its normal length. Its slime enables it to glide without difficulty on the harshest surfaces, even over glass shards or sharp razor blade edges.

They are “soft toughies” who must never be underestimated because when the going gets tough, they keep on going. They are courageous, flexible, ingenious and very resilient.

Slugs routinely lose and replace their teeth like sharks.

They know that for every loss, there is something gained. They always bounce back. They never give up. They will continually toil, eat, digest and feed on roots, sprouts and even decaying vegetation. They can choose to be either competitive or generous to other garden gastropods.

defensive slugWhen targeted, it contracts into a hemispherical shape and begin to rock from side to side which confuses predators.

A smart and brave creature who can outwit a predator over a hundred times its size.

The definition of “slug” doesn’t really fit the bill. Slugs are more than they seem. Similarly, most of us live “slug lives”. Many choose to appear less but are forces one should not reckon with. Truly and rightfully so. “My business is my business and my privacy is sacred.” 

A “human slug” has the ability to slow down and appreciate his blessings, read the Bible and face life valiantly. Times may be rough or unhappy sometimes, but ceaseless joy burns in his heart. He knows God.

He leaves a trail, a mark. His life and legacy are testaments of faith.

He is daring yet reserved like those who know when to go and explore; when to step back, retreat or stop.

He takes life however it’s laid before him and makes the best of it like those who know contentment and perseverance.

He works hard while tightening his belt like those who support and sacrifice for their family.

walkingHe is a hardworker and not a sluggard.

He knows when to eat, drink and rest.

He aknowledges God’s timing with an open heart.

“It is vain for you to rise up early, To retire late, To eat the bread of painful labors; For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep.” Psalms 127:2

So when it feels like you hit the wall, try to do what a slug does. After all, living a slug’s life ain’t bad after all.

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