Lighthouse  Aristotle said, “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” The drive for excellence is one of man’s common denominators. The other is failure and realistically, no one is immune! Only through failure can we learn how to become champions.

Life is an ongoing struggle, a fight to the end.  No one truly surrenders until their last breath. Frankly, one only fails if he refuses to get up and do something as simple as making a cup of coffee or taking a bath. Even beggars fight a worthy battle. They gather courage to ask for alms, scavenge for food and seek shelter under the scorching sun or bitter cold.

In school, some of us failed here and there or worst. I have and the only solution was to ask for help, learn it and try harder until I conquered my problem areas. Failure can never beat us unless we let it and those that try, whatever the result, are the true champions.

The first step on moving past failure is realizing the cause. Only then can we finally move forward and take the necessary step towards success. Failure, then, serves as stepping stones with mounted lessons of what to and not to do as we continue our fight.

So when something doesn’t work despite all the time and effort exerted, it doesn’t make our hardwork any less than excellent.  They are, in fact, outstanding.  The outcome we desired may not be as expected but the waiting has served its purpose. They help us become a better version of our old self.  The patience and wisdom gained are valuable rewards that no one will ever hand us freely.  They only come from firsthand experiences that make moving on less strenuous.

Resentment is an understandable by-product but never dwell on it.  As Aristotle said, our choices determine our destiny.   It requires knowledge and courage to let go, stand up and if need be, choose another path. We determine the kind of life we live. Remember, every heartache carries with it an equal or greater benefit. In losing, we have won something too.

Like all living beings, certain things have specific life spans and breaking points. Nothing on Earth last forever.  Imagine, even diamonds melt at 700 degrees Celcius. We are but human, susceptible to the fragility of our humanity. We are breakable and at some point, like it or not, we break down. Perpetuity belongs to God alone.

We have to adapt to the internal and external pressures of change, no matter how difficult it might be. Political tides, the economy and market climate change as often as some people replace their dentures. Sadly, the ripple effects affect all of us like higher prices on basic commodities, fuel, electricity, etc. These events drastically change our way of life in one way or another. That being said, be wise to know when to jump ship to save your life and salvage what you can to avoid further loss or damage then SWIM.

“Don’t float and wait for rescue. It may never come. This is REALITY! The beauty in it all, is that we can START OVER.


Remember, we have two hands, one is for helping others while the other one is to help ourselves. The greatest of life’s glories is rising up after falling. No one wants to fall but when it happens, never let it overtake your strength and determination. You are more than this fall.

We have FREEDOM to choose. We cannot blame anyone for the choices we made because it was our choice to begin with. Nevertheless, the choices we make have consequences. So, face them bravely and handle them with excellence — that’s the second step to move past failure.

The third step, is determining the alternatives and working towards them.  This is a process that requires a whole lot of faith, hope, determination and perseverance. NEVER GIVE UP!

The fourth  is loving what you do and maintaining your level of excellence every step of the way.

Lastly and most importantly, HUMBLY TAKE GOD WITH YOU.  It has been wriitten in Psalm 145:14, “The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.”

Success will then follow.

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